From our inspiration to development

From our inspiration, to color story generation, and from fabric selection, sketching and silhouette development, we deliver fashionable, functional and feminine pieces. Making women feel good and comfortable is our focal point.

Idrine Bishweka pieces are flexible wear, as they are suitable for numerous occasions, whether it be a day in the office or a late-night dinner with friends.

In this collection, we were inspired by a global sense of beauty. We opened our boundaries and let our creativity and imagination float across and beyond borders.

 La demoiselle scarf, inspired by the edges, lines, and ties of the Masai tribe scarf.

A scarf that can be tied and worn multiple ways.

In moving from our inspiration to sketching the garments, we focused on lines and edges that would provide comfort and functionality, while bringing the feminine feeling we wanted to achieve. This collection features fitted and sheath dresses, and trench coats that are  A-line, straight and fitted. we also feature convertible dress jackets and our demoiselle scarf.

We developed a color story that combines neutral color with tribal-printed patterns, to create contrasting effects. To this end, the collection features ivory, light ivory, black, blue, beige and green colors. Our fabrics are as diverse as our inspiration; we selected patterns and textures from different countries around the world, that include Kenya, Italia, Canada, and Holland.

Our high-quality fabrics have been specially selected considering the comfort that they provide, as well as for their draping, their softness and how well they grace the body.


FALL 2017

From Chicago to Kenya to the Congolese Forest, we strive to create pieces for women using inspiration from around the world. In order to design our beautiful, unique, and practical garments, we used influences from various African tribes and mixed them with the fluidity of Western culture.

In the fall collection, we were inspired by global perceptions of beauty. We have expanded the collection so that it is all encompassing of feminism across cultures.


Kabaziga dress jacket is the newest addition to the collection. It’s a versatile piece that is a dress and jacket in one.  the shape of the sleeves is inspired by the Mangbetu’s knife. The sleeves are called “sleeve a double trenchant”, literally translated as a “double edged-sleeve”.


Moving from inspiration to sketching, we looked at the patterns and shapes of classic Bambuti, Masai, and Mangbetu tribe garments to create unique pieces. This collection features fitted sheath dresses, A-Line dresses paired with double-edged sleeves and printed belts that accentuate any woman’s figure.


Our color story combines darker fall colors with tribal patterns that create beautiful shapes and individuality to each look. Overall, the collection features darker blues and darker greens that accompany lighter browns, ivory, and white to create the perfect contrast of colors.



Spring/Summer 2018


Our global sense of beauty remains present in our garments this spring. not only we were seeking inspiration from Africa culture, but the artwork and styles from ancient Rome have found their way into the collection. In the collection, dresses are free-flowing to create perfect drape for all body shape, belted to define the waist and spritted to reveal some skin.